Your First Session

Prior to any session, we require that you fill out a few forms. We recommend filling these out at your convenience and bringing them with you to get the most out of your first session.

A Session with Ande

On a visit to my office, you can expect to find a warm and inviting space.  We will start by getting to know one another to establish a relationship and make certain this is the right fit for you or your child. We will go over your intake information during your first visit to get an idea of what your needs are and which services will work best for you. Then we will move at your pace, with you sharing as much or as little as you feel comfortable. You will lead the discussion and I will provide support, as needed, by teaching new skills and strategies for you to become a master of your mental health. Therapy can be difficult, but I like to make it more interesting and fun. The more you share about your interests, the more we can tailor your experience to you.

If you are bringing your child to visit with me, you will be invited to stay for the first few visits, depending on the comfort of your child. At meetings thereafter, I will ask to meet with your child one-on-one. I have many games, toys, fidgets and crafts available to use with your kids. I hand selected the items I have available and add to the collection regularly. I will sit on the floor with your kids to engage in play therapy. I will model movement, dance and other regulation skills. I will use role play to teach about interpersonal interactions. I will encourage your child to share any and all feelings they possess to help them learn the importance of having and understanding each feeling. Above all, I will strive to create a safe space for your child to explore their minds and will always move at their pace.

And adults, don’t worry, the crafts, games and toys are there for you too! Don’t be shy in engaging with your playful self.

A Session with Rosanne

We will begin by getting to know one another and ensuring that this is a good fit for you and for your needs.

We will review your history and goals forms to begin our conversation about your life and your current needs. We will then pace our work so that you lead; yet are challenged to review life’s decisions and complexities. With new skills, support and compassion you will master anxiety, defy depression and find capacity within yourself you never knew you had before.

My aim will be to guide you and support you to enhance your experience of the life you want to lead. While therapy is hard, it can also be a time to laugh, experience joyful feelings we may have missed while hustling through the week and being in the present in this moment that is all about you and your needs.

Are we a match?

Call me at 503-936-1924 and let’s talk prior to your appointment (required for first-time clients).