Supervision & Support for Therapists, Counselors & Social Workers

We provide multiple kinds of supervision and peer support:

Supervision for Support:

Working in this broken system is inherently traumatic. As therapists, counselors and social workers: we have to figure out how to manage constant vicarious trauma. Accepting and acknowledging this allows us, in turn, to get help and supervision in the very personal work we do without judgment. We’re here to help each other and provide mentoring and support in the supervision work we do so you have enough tools to try new things to serve your clients.

Supervision for Licensure:

Supervision for licensure really means honing the skills you learned to get your degree while examining the barriers to your practice. We’re here to make this process as smooth as possible.

Making the choice to work toward licensure is challenging. Given how long it can take to complete, it can be hard to imagine. By providing a framework, going at it one step at time and appreciating the interconnectedness of theory to practice, we will add excitement to the work you do each day and take some of the challenge out of your exam.

We will begin by learning about you and your style of work. We will then create a plan together for your Oregon board (State of Oregon Board of Licensed Social Workers and State of Oregon Board of Licensed Professional Counselors). We’ll identify how you can best accomplish your work plan (reporting, time-sheets and client hours) while meeting your goals to pass the test, when the time comes.

Supervision for ALL!

Group and Individual Supervision is currently available for free for pre-licensed clinicians who are: BIPOC, LGBTQIA2s, differently abled, and/or immigrants.  

Contact Brooke White,, 503-272-1402
This fall Pulse Wellness Cooperative was awarded a grant from the Oregon Health Authority, to provide FREE licensure supervision to qualifying LPC Associates and CSWAs in Oregon. This grant is in response to the passing of HB2949 in 2021 which committed “to provide incentives to increase the recruitment and retention of providers in the behavioral healthcare workforce” that identify as BIPOC, LGBTQIAS2+, an immigrant, or differently abled, who will provide culturally responsive behavioral healthcare services. Limited availability. 

I have received clinical supervision from Rosanne for the past 2 years. Under her guidance, I have drastically increased my clinical range and skill set, while concurrently expanding my knowledge and awareness of issues pertaining to culture, gender, power, and broader systems issues.
Supervision with Rosanne is always surprising – you never know what piece of knowledge that you will walk away with from a session with her. In addition, her incisive ability to dig-deep and unearth insights to guide client care and improve self-awareness are impressive and impactful. Most importantly, she is attentive to the dynamics of the supervisor-supervisee relationship, and effectively mirrors the clinical processes of building rapport, establishing trust, and creating a safe space for sharing challenges, developing particular skills, and receiving support when the work gets hard.
If you are looking to be challenged, supported, and inspired, I cannot recommend her enough!

–Adam, MSW, CSWA