Rebekah Lubeck, MSW, CSWA

Photo: Rebekah Lubeck

We each carry the stories of our identity and our experiences through life. Does the story you live match who you want to be? With curiosity and compassion, together we will explore the stories of what happened, who you are, and possibilities for the future.

I work with teens, young adults and adults in all walks of life, including:

  • Social workers, medical professionals, and other caregivers experiencing compassion fatigue or vicarious trauma;
  • Parents, with a special focus on the transition to parenting and the attachment needs of new families: expecting, adopting, second-time parenting, unanticipated parenting, and grandparents parenting again. I work with parents who foster and adopt;
  • Students in high school, college, or beyond finding the path of success and peace, balancing increasing demands, and deciding on next steps;
  • Professionals navigating multi-disciplinary teams and workplace or manager dynamics.

Let’s write a new chapter, where you:

  • Start a job, enroll in school, or navigate career moves.
  • Relate in new and different ways or break habits that no longer help your relationships.
  • Find hobbies or rekindle passion for work or relationships.
  • Connect more deeply to your values, including while under stress and through burnout.
  • Define and redefine our role as parents: what it means to nurture, to give a different way of love than we were given, or to find our way forward when parenting looks different than what we imagined.
  • Step into parenthood knowing it is temporary, fostering for a moment with all the love and loss inherent in saying hello to a child knowing goodbye will also come.
  • Consider building a family through adoption or navigating the special aspects of parenting adopted children–especially children adopted from foster care.
  • Find new meaning in the middle of pandemic and what it means to be a helper when the crisis has not ended.
  • Untangle our spiritual selves from past trauma and embracing beliefs and values without shame. 

I am especially passionate about supporting attachment and positive, healing-centered parenting for foster or adoptive parents and grandparents raising grandchildren. I have experience working with medical professionals and front line social workers, parents of children with special needs, and expecting and postpartum parents. I have an undergraduate degree in Christian theology and experience working with people navigating the layers of leaving toxic religious communities and accepting, deconstructing, or rebuilding spiritual identities.

If you are looking to tell your story, to better understand your story, or to change the next chapters in your story, I want to work with you.

Techniques I use include:

  • Motivational Interviewing 
  • Acceptance and Commitment Therapy 
  • Narrative Therapy 
  • Self-compassion
  • Mindfulness 
  • Collaborative Problem Solving 
  • Psychodynamic

Working together, we will create a space where you get to explore who you want to become in the rest of your story. We will create a safe environment where you have room to write new chapters: of acceptance, peace, and vibrancy.

Are we a fit?

Please contact me at 503-260-8612 for a free telephone consultation.