Lola Ryan, MSW, LCSW

I am an immigrant and my personal experience led me to see how our culture shapes us and our beliefs. In my work with clients, I keep the client’s culture, values, and beliefs at the heart of our therapeutic relationship. I tailor our sessions to fit your needs.

Through conversations, discussion, and practice we will explore the issues that trouble you and work on finding the answers that you are seeking. You have your story to tell and I want to make sure that you are heard. Balance and joy can be found and I want to help you to achieve it. 

I work with many different types of people, including:

  • Immigrants: I am bilingual and can provide therapy to both English and Russian-speaking clients.
  • Students: I enjoy helping students who are struggling with the demands of studying and managing life. I find it especially rewarding to help a student figure out their success plan and be by their side when they take their first steps on that road.
  • Caregivers: I care about people who care for others. Oftentimes, they have little energy left to take care of themselves and I hope to help you with figuring out how to carve out time for your own self care so you can continue helping others.
  • Professional teams: I have experience with working in a multidisciplinary team and I feel excited to assist my clients with managing their relationships with their teams, managers, and colleagues. 

As an immigrant, I am also passionate about working with fellow immigrants. Whether it is finding the balance between the dominant culture and the one that we carry within, or finding their place in the US.  When we leave our country of origin, with it we leave our childhood, our support systems, language, and expressions that are so familiar. It takes time to build a new home in a new country and I can be a part of your support system, who understands the longing for what is left behind.

It doesn’t matter whether the change that you are seeking is professional or personal, together we can map the way towards it. 

Some of the approaches that I use in my practice are: 

  • Socratic Dialogue/Critical thinking
  • Systems Theory
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • Collaborative Problem Solving
  • Mindfulness
  • Internal Family Systems
  • Psychodynamic
  • Narrative Therapy

Are we a fit?

Please contact me at 971-266-4291 for a free telephone consultation, and let’s talk prior to your first appointment (required for first time clients).