Resident Services

Resident Services ( ) is the intersection of social services and community organizing in a housing setting.  This increases the ability for people to live longer and more stably in the affordable housing community.

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Resident Services Coordinator Role

The key principle with Resident Service Coordinators is to help residents find the services they need, whether on or off-site, and arrange those services in a combination or sequence that genuinely addresses the resident’s goals. That includes providing them information with which to assess and choose among available programs and later follow up to see whether a given choice adequately met their needs. A typical service coordinator might serve a development of 80-100 families, or sometimes more.
RSCs may do some or all of the following:

  • Coordinate with service providers for onsite services and programs for residents (and sometimes, the community-at-large.) as well as provide direct emergency and housing services.
  • Writes grants to fund onsite programs and additional staffing
  • Finding and managing volunteers to provide onsite activities and classes.
  • Tenant Associations and leadership development opportunities for residents may also be coordinated through the RSC.
  • At times, the RSC may also act as an advocate for residents, assisting them with tenant issues or providing direct referrals to services.
  • An RSC will provide for resident surveys to determine what services are needed and/or wanted by residents.
  • RSC’s will usually be responsible for setting and tracking/measuring outcomes for resident services to determine if: they are effective; if services offered meet the needs of residents; and whether or not services are utilized by residents.

Program Development/Design TheoryPractice_ConsultingPg

Designing programs that meet the needs of your clients while within the tight budgetary constrictions of the agency are difficult. Need always outweigh the funding provided and the culture of “do more with less” begins to settle like a heavy weight. We can lose sight of our successes and sometimes forget to use them to design new programs that work and connect to the mission of the organization. By interviewing staff, clients and community members we will design programs, implement feasible benchmarks and help vulnerable people in Oregon have access to programs that work for them.

Outcome Design and Implementation

New and existing programs are increasingly asked to provide logic models and success measures for the work they do in our community. I can work with your staff to review new and existing programs and attach logic models and outcomes to the work in order to increase staff motivation, focus on strengths and promote success to funders and your Board (Youth$ave, Aging at Home, etc).

Meeting and Team Facilitation

Outsider help for a retreat or special meeting can make all the difference for planning and team decision-making. Ensuring that staffs’ precious time isn’t wasted and a final action plan is completed makes meetings worth the time. It’s also nice to have the whole team participate in activities, planning and team connection. By allowing me to work with the team and you (the management team) can then participate in the retreat or meeting. I can work with you to design a meaningful (and fun) time for staff that will highlight strengths of the team and provide useful planning for the future.

Manager, Direct Service Staff or Team Development

My work centers on the outcomes, plans, evaluation tools and systems needed for staff to be productive, excited and successful at work. The menu of services can vary greatly based on the agency. I can work with one staff person or a team to provide assistance and guidance to get the most out of each employee or each program.

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