Coaching/ Supervision for Licensure


Together we will increase your knowledge and skills in your job, toward licensure or provide professional development that will focus your energy and increase your satisfaction with your career. We will highlight what you need to learn most and then decide on a concrete plan to get you there. If you must take a test for licensure I will help you prepare for what to study, guide your practice toward the exploration of theory along with practice and work with you on reports to your board.

I have worked with people from all over the world and I am excited to work with helping professionals who do not have a degree in their field or who come from the population they currently serve and want to help others.   My goal is to serve people who serve others, whether it is for a non-profit or in your personal life. I provide understanding and honesty to help you move forward and do your best while caring for yourself.

New professionals often don’t know where to begin to learn more tools and find more ways to connect. I can help you deepen your community connections, develop your skills in programming or just listen to what is happening for you as you serve others. I am a strong believer in making time for self-care that is ongoing and tailored to who you are and what you need most. In my practice I use systems theory, narrative therapy, and motivational interviewing to dig into the ways that will best nurture you while critically analyzing your experience and need for change or growth. I have been trained to help those with trauma (direct or vicarious) and in suicide intervention and have deep experience with management issues for helping professionals. I enjoy how systems work and how people interact within these systems which are intended to serve those who are most vulnerable.


“I have received clinical supervision from Rosanne for the past 2 years.  Under her guidance, I have drastically increased my clinical range and skill set, while concurrently expanding my knowledge and awareness of issues pertaining to culture, gender, power, and broader systems issues.  Supervision with Rosanne is always surprising- you never know what piece of knowledge that you will walk away with from a session with her.  In addition, her incisive ability to dig-deep and unearth insights to guide client care and improve self-awareness are impressive and impactful.  Most importantly, she is attentive to the dynamics of the supervisor-supervisee relationship, and effectively mirrors the clinical processes of building rapport, establishing trust, and creating a safe space for sharing challenges, developing particular skills, and receiving support when the work gets hard.  If you are looking to be challenged, supported, and inspired, I cannot recommend her enough!”


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