Ande Cappellano, CSWA

Youth and Family Counselor

I am a Certified Social Work Associate in the state of Oregon, who has been providing services to young adults, adolescents, children and families for the past five years. I have worked with children for the past twelve years in a variety of settings. I love spending time with young people and learning to see the world through their eyes. I have dedicated my time to working with children and families because I see such value in enhancing parent-child relationships. I have additional experience working as a Licensed Master of Social Work in New York State with clients that have identified LBGTQ+ and gender issues, depression, anxiety, substance abuse, and high-risk behaviors.

I believe that childhood and adolescence are the most appropriate developmental stages for intervention. Intervention during these time periods will lead to prevention of later challenges and is possibly the key to addressing larger social change within any given society. Challenges arise at any time; my goal as a clinician is to aid parents and children in developing better skills to manage difficult emotions, communicate, and live comfortably with one another.

Using a culturally sensitive, respectful, and eclectic approach I work with children and parents to meet the needs of each client. I am informed by trauma, attachment, and mindfulness and approach difficulties from a strength based perspective. My style is gentle, relational and fun; focusing on self-regulation and self-compassion. I hope to make quality therapy available and comfortable for nontraditional families in the community.