What a Session Will Look Like

We will begin by getting to know one another and ensuring that this is a good fit for you and for your needs at this time. I’ll want you to fill out the FingersColoredBlocks_ConnectingPgpaperwork related to your history assessment form, confidentiality, insurance, payment options and an assessment of your current goals and needs. If you are going to work with me for supervision for licensure we will talk about reporting, time-sheets and client hours as well.

We will review the history and goals forms about you to begin our conversation about your life and your current needs. We will then pace our work so that you lead; yet are challenged to review life’s decisions and complexities. With new skills, support and compassion you will master anxiety, defy depression and find capacity within yourself you never knew you had before.

My aim will be to guide you and support you to enhance your experience of the life you want to lead. While therapy is hard, it can also be a time to laugh, experience joyful feelings we may have missed while hustling through the week and being in the present in this moment that is all about you and your needs.


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You taught me to be confident, precise and prepared in the areas I thought I knew nothing about. You taught me that there would be times when my only tool would be my imagination and THEN you taught my imagination how to dream. To think outside of the box was inadequate for your methodology because some are circular thinkers. In that, you taught me to hold the interest of a diverse audience and to especially grab a hold of them and win their trust. In all, you taught me that trust is what mattered most; the rest was simply the journey to trust. I now KNOW pure awesomeness!

Lennor Smith
Social Worker, Contra Costa County

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