Help for Helpers

Umbrellas_Help4HelpersPgI am often asked to define this term but for those of you in service to others; I think you know what I mean. Social workers, nurses, parents with special-needs children or adult children with special-needs parents are my specialty. At times, I work with couples or partners who have a need to find compassion or passion for one another once again. When in service to others, it can often feel like there is no time for you or that the best medicine is sleep or a glass of wine. Taking one hour a week to open your heart in a private and compassionate setting can make that nights’ sleep more fulfilling.

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Rosanne has the unique ability to see the strengths in a person before she sees anything else. She has challenged me to be a person I can be proud of at work and in the world, someone who can make a difference in other peoples’ lives. She has encouraged my professional development in many ways but none as much as when she convinced me that I didn’t have to be afraid to go back to school and with her support I did go back and obtained my MSW. I value Rosanne’s extensive knowledge and experience as a Social Worker, but I am most impressed with her heart felt approach. She is driven by her passion for justice and equity. These core values enable Rosanne to reach many people in need as well as educate those of us who are constantly learning by her example.

Vikki Allen, MSW, CSWA
Resident Services Lead, Home Forward

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