My work centers on the person you are deep inside and the definition of joy and hope within you. Whether you want more from life, from work, from friendships or from love, look to Rosanne where you can open your arms and heart to receive all that life, work, friendships and love have to offer.

I work with you when:CloudToSunnyGuy_AboutPg

  • hopelessness, grief and loneliness becomes the norm;
  • you feel you have lost your way;
  • you simply are looking for something richer and more meaningful in
    your life.

I believe in humor, justice and passion and will bring all of that to our work together.



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Rosanne brings the perfect combination of humor, compassion and challenge to her conversations, making it possible to look at the hard stuff head on without ever losing sight of your own humanity. She illuminates the places we hide from ourselves, and stays close while we explore and reintegrate those parts back into our sense of self.

Marjory Hamann, PhD
Executive Director, Elkton Community Center

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