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Pulse Wellness is a unique group practice dedicated to radical well-being.

We are a highly compassionate, queer-owned therapy practice in Portland, Oregon. We provide trauma-informed therapy to both adults and young people (children and teens aged 10-18). We also offer:

Our mission:

We strive to repair the world by healing our clients, families and communities. Also known as Tikkun Olam, this reparative work brings us balance and heals us in return. We have seen first-hand that oppressive systems cause great harm and we believe in the reparative need for both social justice and personal healing. We also believe that some of this repair from trauma begins at home, and that caregivers need extra support to do this important work. Our work is in helping our clients not only to survive, but to thrive.
Simply put: our goal is to connect people to their core values, intuition and best selves. Getting there is usually a radical and transformative journey. We’re ready to be your compassionate and no-nonsense guides. This is our life’s work and also an ongoing learning process for us as practitioners!

Meet our team:


Rosanne Marmor, LCSW.

I teach as Adjunct Faculty at the School of Social Work at PSU and work with individuals, couples and organizations. I’m what’s called “client-centered” in my approach. Your story, culture and values are at the heart of the time we spend together.

Ande Cappellano, CSWA

My goal as a therapist is to help individuals and families learn more about themselves and their interconnectedness to their environment.

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Our office: If you have accessibility needs, please let us know so we can book you for our ADA-accessible room (Suite 106). Pulse Wellness is located near downtown Portland at:
1135 SE Salmon St, Suite 106 and L4 (suite L4 is not ADA accessible) Portland, OR 97214.