About Us

Bridging Emotional Adventures Together Pulse Wellness connects people to their values. Pulse Wellness bridges emotional adventures together.  We work with openness, honesty and compassion with all genders, identities and ages to find a place of wholeness that everyone deserves.  We dedicated to constant learning in order to better serve our clients.  

Look at Your Wings. Notice Their Color.

A typical guardian angel may be a spirit or feeling or this manifestation could be a living being that guides the next moment. Guardian angels appear, send their message, do their deed and then are gone. Belief in a guardian angel is easier if you’ve had one enter your life. Fleeting yet everlasting…because in that […]
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Your Life, Your Story, Be Who You Are

You began in the world just like the fairy tales…Once upon a time a miracle occurred. The fairy tale then becomes your life. The living becomes the story of who you are, who you become and what you do with your inner self to be happy, joyful and connected. We have a relationship to our […]
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Ande Cappellano, CSWA My goal as a therapist is to help individuals and families learn more about themselves and their interconnectedness to their environment. I specialize in helping children explore their minds and learn skills to help them succeed in traditional settings, such as school. While also supporting each person’s unique qualities, creativity and drive […]
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Making the choice to work toward licensure is challenging and can be hard to imagine given how long it can take to complete. By going at it one step at time while understanding the interconnectedness of theory to practice will take some of the challenge out of taking the test and add excitement to the […]
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With over 25 years of experience in non-profit work, Pulse Wellness is available to contractually provide the services described below. Please review your specific area of interest for our expertise and experience. They include, but are not limited to: Align programing with the needs of the people to be served and calibrate those services toward […]
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Who We Help

Pulse Wellness is a unique group practice, with therapists who know how to serve people throughout the life span.   Pulse connects people to their values and ideals in order to find compassion for self and others.  The people who work for Pulse are highly caring, creative and compassionate.  Staff has a variety of skills in […]
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